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(Example) Jazz Band Needs Some New Swing

Instrument Status Key
- Instrument Requested
- Donor Found
- In Repair
- Instrument Placed

- Funds Needed to Repair and Place Instrument
- Sponsored Funds
Date of Request: March 21, 2012
by Mr. Smith at Public School 1 - Phoenix Area, Arizona
High Poverty
Instruments Requested
Donate Your Trumpet- Impact 12 Youth per Year
  $73 of $146 Pledged Pledge $
Donate Your Cornet- Impact 7 Youth per Year
  $73 of $146 Pledged Pledge $
Donate Your Trombone- Impact 5 Youth per Year
  $112 of $223 Pledged Pledge $
Donate Your Flute- Impact 5 Youth per Year
  $61 of $122 Pledged Pledge $

Mr. Smith's music students: Imagine wanting to learn music, but knowing your parents can't afford to get you an instrument. My students attend a low-income public school and worry about where their next meal is coming from or if their family can afford to pay rent. The school, and particularly their music classroom, is where they feel safe, comfortable, and willing to express themselves.

My students are discovering talents they never knew they had in Jazz Band. And despite our lack of resources, my students have won multiple awards in regional and state competitions for there abilities.

Currently there are 15 students on the waiting list to get into Jazz Band. The only thing preventing these students from joining the band tomorrow is they do not have an instrument to play. That is why I am asking YOU, please donate instruments and funds to ensure 4 more youth from my school can join the Jazz Band so they can experience the transformative power of music in their lives!!

Company, Inc. is the largest supplier of parts and things in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Committed to leading by example, both in business and supporting the local community, Company, Inc. is a proud supporter of Ear Candy Charities mission to provide youth access to music education. 

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3/21/2012 1:10:23 PM #

“I want to be a professional Trumpet player.  I want to be a professional Trumpet player, because I want to show everyone how I play, and I get to travel all over the world.  I think being a professional is cool.  The trumpet is cool in allot of ways.  The way it sounds, the way it looks, is cool to me.  That is why I want to be a professional Trumpet player, and that is why the trumpet is cool.

Without music, there will be nothing here.  Music is everything.  Without music, there are not Trumpets.  No guitars.  No nothing.  That is why music is important to me.”

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