Need instruments for great program and willing kids.

Mr. Rollins
Snowflake High School
Snowflake, Arizona
Requested Instruments
Upright Bass - 3/4 size 
Saxophone - Tenor 

I Want to Help!
Need instruments for great program and willing kids.
We have a wonderfully supportive administration and community, but unfortunately we also have an economically struggling community. A major source of employment closed down this year and subsequently forced a lot of kids who were renting instruments out of band & orchestra. We definitely have the intelligence and the desire to have a fantastic program, we are just lacking quality equipment. The upright basses all have splits and cracks in them and all but one are missing soundposts, and only one has a functioning end-pin. We are also lacking on tenor saxophones which most parents refuse to rent from a music store, however there are tons of kids who want to play these instruments. I can handle most basic repairs on instruments, but our basses and tenor saxes are beyond all conceivable help, they have been in the district for 25+ years.


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