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by Mrs. Frost
Freedom Academy
Scottsdale, Arizona
Four music teachers in two years... no stability, no consistency. It's difficulut to find a good music teacher and when you do, it's necessary to supply them with instruments to empower students. I'm currently finishing up my second year teaching at Freedom Academy and have greatly enjoyed the journey thus far.

I have a cart. It is very blue. On the top of my cart sits a keyboard. A shelf below contains various boomwhackers. And another shelf holds my speaker and several small percussion instruments. I teach an entire unit about the instruments of the orchestra and yet, most of my students will never get to actually hold the instruments they have learned so much about.

The students would be overwhelmed to start a small strings group at school. Many of them have expressed their desire to play "real" instruments some day. I have several bells that I'm going to start using to reinforce the concept of music theory with kindergarten, first, and second grade students, but I simply do not have enough to keep the whole class engaged.

Any donations would be appreciated beyond words... please help me in making some dreams come true. Read more »
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Bell Kit
Violin - 1/2 size
Bell Kit
Violin - 1/2 size
Violin - 3/4 size
Violin - 1/2 size
Violin - 1/2 size
by Ms. Izuno
Phoenix, Arizona
My students are great! They always come to my class excited to learn no matter what is going on elsewhere. This class makes it possible for the students to disappear into another world for 50 minutes. There are no worries if they are going to eat that night or how they are getting some place. Right now, I am having to turn students away from this opportunity because of the condition of some of the instruments. My students are literally playing on instruments that are 20 years old so it is quite common for me to hear that a piece fell off somewhere. Some students are having to play on instruments that are broken because I don't have the funds to replace all of them. Regardless, my students come to class and make the most of it. I enjoy the smiles on their faces when they finally master a section of the music that they had been struggling on.Read more »
Requested Instruments
Saxophone - Tenor
by Mr. Rollins
Snowflake High School
Snowflake, Arizona
We have a wonderfully supportive administration and community, but unfortunately we also have an economically struggling community. A major source of employment closed down this year and subsequently forced a lot of kids who were renting instruments out of band & orchestra. We definitely have the intelligence and the desire to have a fantastic program, we are just lacking quality equipment. The upright basses all have splits and cracks in them and all but one are missing soundposts, and only one has a functioning end-pin. We are also lacking on tenor saxophones which most parents refuse to rent from a music store, however there are tons of kids who want to play these instruments. I can handle most basic repairs on instruments, but our basses and tenor saxes are beyond all conceivable help, they have been in the district for 25+ years. Read more »
Requested Instruments
Upright Bass - 3/4 size
Saxophone - Tenor
by Mr. Broughton II
Surprise Elementary School
El Mirage, Arizona
Imagine wanting to be in band, but knowing your parents can't afford to get you an instrument. When I do band recruitment, the 1st questions from many students are, "Is band free?" "Does it cost anything to get an instrument?" "I want to be in band, but my family cannot afford to rent or buy an instrument" My students attend a Title 1 public school where most kids qualify for free breakfast and free lunch. Our band program has started to grow thanks to the efforts of generous people who see how important music education is to these children's whole person education. But we are still lacking instruments to fill in the gaps of those who cannot get their own. Making music together is for many of my students the highlight of their school day.

Playing an instrument gives them an opportunity to develop socially, cooperatively and musically. It teaches them how to be responsible young adults. Band students consistently become better readers, better at math and solve problems more quickly than non musicians. Please donate an instrument or money TODAY to help my students grow into well rounded, educated and critical thinkers. THANK YOU!!Read more »
Requested Instruments
Saxophone - Soprano

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