Growing Band Program Needs Your Help!

Mr. Broughton II
Surprise Elementary School
El Mirage, Arizona
Requested Instruments
Saxophone - Soprano 

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Scottsdale 20/30

The Scottsdale Active 20-30 Club was founded with the single objective of supporting children's charities. By hosting special events, this non-profit club draws the community together to raise funds for and to educate our citizens about the financial, medical, and emotional needs of Arizona's children.

The Club provides young adults with an opportunity to impact the community by improving the quality of life for special needs children while fostering personal growth, friendships, networking skills and leadership development.
Growing Band Program Needs Your Help!
Imagine wanting to be in band, but knowing your parents can't afford to get you an instrument. When I do band recruitment, the 1st questions from many students are, "Is band free?" "Does it cost anything to get an instrument?" "I want to be in band, but my family cannot afford to rent or buy an instrument" My students attend a Title 1 public school where most kids qualify for free breakfast and free lunch. Our band program has started to grow thanks to the efforts of generous people who see how important music education is to these children's whole person education. But we are still lacking instruments to fill in the gaps of those who cannot get their own. Making music together is for many of my students the highlight of their school day.

Playing an instrument gives them an opportunity to develop socially, cooperatively and musically. It teaches them how to be responsible young adults. Band students consistently become better readers, better at math and solve problems more quickly than non musicians. Please donate an instrument or money TODAY to help my students grow into well rounded, educated and critical thinkers. THANK YOU!!


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