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Baritones and Trombones: Practice Makes Permanent!

Request ID: 245  Date of Request: September 28, 2012
by Miss Kumar at Melvin E Sine Elementary - Glendale, Arizona
High Poverty
Instruments Requested
Baritone - 2 Youth Impacted per Year!
Trombone - 6 Youth Impacted per Year!
Trombone Donor's Story: Our son, Danny Lee played this trombone in the Marshall Ranch Jazz Band for two years before moving on to sports at Cactus High Sc...[Read More]

Miss Kumar's music students: Melvin E Sine has a tradition of excellence in its band program. Many students go on to be successful at Apollo High School. As a severely low socio-economic area, we have a high rate of students needing school instruments in order to participate. We have borrowed from neighboring schools in the past, but as those band programs and ours grow, we need to add instruments.

Low brass students are often unable to bring instruments back and forth due to size; they have to walk long distances or bike to school. Having an extra instrument at school would help students keep up with their home practicing.We are at the threshold of moving up into more intricate literature, but need practicing to happen to make that a reality.

Playing in the band allows these students to experience success, something that their home lives, test scores, or grades don't necessarily give to them. Your donation will allow the Sine band program to shine like the Stars they are!

Instrument Donations (1)

Trombone Anonymous

Comments (2)

Ron Lee
10/9/2012 12:17:47 PM

It is a pleasure to know a music student in Glendale will be putting to good use the trombome our son Danny played in the Marshall Ranch Jazz Band during his 7th & 8th grade years. He is now a Senior at Cactus High School.

Anita Kumar
10/10/2012 1:22:10 PM

THANK YOU Mr. Lee!!!! My students will be VERY excited to see new instruments when we return from fall break. Thank you and your son very much for your generosity!

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