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    How do I donate a musical instrument?
    Ear Candy collects instruments through the Online Instrument Drive which allows donors to view Instrument Requests and choose a music program they want to place their instrument in. Once the music program is chosen, the donor will then decide the best way to donate that particular instrument. If the instrument is in good playing condition and ready to hand to a child the donor can drop it off directly to the music program. If the instrument donor lives too far, it is possible to ship the instrument to the music program specified. If the instrument needs repair prior to being placed in a music program it needs to be taken to one of our repair facilities. If the instrument donor lives too far from an Ear Candy repair facility the donor can ship the instrument to a repair facility. Once the instrument is repaired it is placed in the music program the donor chose.

    What condition does an instrument have to be in to donate?
    Ear Candy collects new and gently used instruments. Ear Candy does make repairs to instruments donated through the Online Instrument Drive; however, if the instrument is beyond repair or the cost of repair is greater than the cost to replace it, your instrument will not be placed in a music program. It will remain at Ear Candy’s repair facility where it will be used for parts to help repair instruments for multiple programs. You will still receive a tax receipt for your donation.

    Does Ear Candy repair instruments?
    Yes, Ear Candy will direct donors with instruments in need of repair to one of our repair facilities. You can either drop-off or ship your instrument to one of our repair facilities, depending on your proximity to the repair facilities. If instruments are beyond repair, or the cost to repair is greater than the cost to replace, the instruments will be used for parts to repair other instruments for multiple programs.

    If I am shipping my instrument to a repair facility or music program, who is responsible for the cost?
    If an instrument donor chooses to ship the instrument, the donor will receive an email which includes a pre-paid shipping label. The donor will print the label, safely pack the instrument for shipping, and send the instrument to either the repair facility or music program. Ear Candy covers the cost of shipping but does not pay for packing materials or professional packing. If your instrument is cost prohibitive to ship, you will be notified it can only be dropped-off at an Ear Candy repair facility or directly to the music program.

    Where are Ear Candy's repair facilities?
    Ear Candy has multiple repair facilities. We are constantly adding new repair facilities to meet the needs of instrument donors and music teachers. When filling out our online instrument profile you will be asked to select the Ear Candy repair facility most convenient for your location.

    How do I package an instrument?
    After you have selected to ship your instrument online, follow these steps to package your instrument before you send it. Here's What You'll Need to Do:
    1) Print off your pre-paid shipping label
    2) Package your instrument following the instructions below OR bring the instrument to your local shipping center to have it packaged for a fee (Ear Candy does not cover the cost of packaging)
    3) Attach the shipping label to your package
    4) Locate your nearest shipping center HERE
    5) Drop off your instrument at the shipping center, STAT! The kids are waiting and they need music!!

    For more in-depth packing instructions click HERE. We’ll let you know as soon as the Magical Instrument Workshop receives your instrument. At that time we'll also send you a Tax Receipt for your records.

    Do I have to live in Arizona to donate?
    No, you can live anywhere in the Continental United States and donate your instrument!

    Can I donate a large instrument such as a piano or organ?
    We currently are not accepting pianos or organs. We recommend contacting your local school or church program to see if there is a need in your community. We also recommend using a site like Craig’s List to offer your large instrument for donation or sale. If you do sell it, you can always make a financial donation to Ear Candy!

    Which instruments are currently being placed in schools?
    Instruments being placed in schools can be found in the drop down list HERE. If you do not see the instrument you want to donate on this list, we are currently not accepting it.

    Is my instrument donation a tax write-off?
    Yes. When you donate an instrument Ear Candy will email you a tax receipt for your records. Ear Candy does not assign a cash value to your donation. You should consult your accountant or tax attorney for further information on how to assign a value to your donation for tax purposes.

    How is the amount of my tax write off determined?
    Ear Candy provides instrument donors with a tax receipt, but does not assign a cash value to your donation. You should consult your accountant or tax attorney for further information on how to assign a value to your donation for tax purposes. If you are donating an instrument you believe to be worth more than $5,000, you will need to have a professional appraisal done in order to claim above that amount.

    How do I receive my tax receipt?
    Once your instrument has been marked received by either a teacher or repair facility, you will receive an automatic receipt via email. This email is your tax-receipt.

    How do I know my instrument has been received?

    Ear Candy will send you notification emails as your instrument journeys from your home to the music program. You will receive a notification when your instrument is approved, one after it has been repaired, and once it has arrived to the music program. If you have any questions about an instrument you have donated and have not received an email for, please email us at info@EarCandyCharity.Org.

    How long does it take to place an instrument?
    The amount of time it takes for a particular instrument to be placed is dependent on a number of factors.
  • Funding (Fulfilment cost to repair and place) 
  • Condition of the instrument 
  • Requests by schools and programs 
  • Availability of requested instrument
    How will I be notified?
    Donors will receive an email from Ear Candy when the instrument is approved and when it is placed in the music program.

    How does Ear Candy measure impact?
    Ear Candy measures impact based on the number of students using each instrument we donate, per school year. When Ear Candy donates an instrument(s) to a music teacher’s program, the teacher provides Ear Candy with the number of students using that particular instrument(s) per school year. This number makes up Ear Candy’s impact.

    Does Ear Candy give instruments to organizations outside of Arizona?
    Currently Ear Candy will only place instruments within Arizona, however Ear Candy has plans to expand throughout the country. Please sign up for our email newsletter and Facebook or Twitter to stay update on Ear Candy’s expansion.

    Does Ear Candy give instruments to individuals?
    Ear Candy does not give instruments to individuals. Ear Candy donates instruments to established music programs with qualified music instructors in place. These established music programs may be in schools or conducted by non-profit organizations.

    How many instruments can I request for my school music program?
    Each teacher can request up to four instruments at a time per music program they teach. For example, if a teacher is in charge of two band programs and an orchestra program the teacher can create three instrument requests, one for each class. Once a request is filled, the teacher can create a new request for the same music program.

    What if I am a teacher with broken instruments?
    At this time Ear Candy does not provide financial assistance to music teachers with broken instruments. We may provide assistance in the near future, stay tuned!

    Does my organization qualify to receive instruments from Ear Candy?
    Qualifying organizations include public, charter, and private school music programs in addition to music programs offered by non-profit organizations.

    Further Rules:
    1. Programs must have a safe place to store instruments on-site.
    2. Donated instruments belong to the program, not individual students. They are meant to be shared (where appropriate) and passed on from year to year.
    3. Programs are responsible for instrument maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

    What does Ear Candy require of organizations that receive instruments?
    Ear Candy seeks to find mutually beneficial partners to fulfill our mission. In order for Ear Candy to provide instruments to a program we require the following in return:
    1. An accurate measure of the impact of the instruments received.
    2. Ensuring instruments remain the property of the music program.
    3. Providing for secure storage and ongoing maintenance of donated instruments.
    My organization qualifies, how do I apply to receive instruments from Ear Candy?
    If your organization is in Arizona and meets the criteria listed above, you may apply for instruments by submitting a request for our Online Instrument Drives HERE.