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> Our Mission:
Providing Youth Access to Music Education


EAR CANDY wants to give YOU the opportunity to get involved in delivering our mission to the community by using your skills and helping us by becoming an official ROADIE.  This group is an ever growing collection of like minded people who feel they can give something back to their community through the mission of Ear Candy.  Young and Young at Heart are welcome!

1.) Online Roadie – What?!? I can help Ear Candy out just by being online for less than 5 mins a day? Help by spreading the word about Ear Candy through various online social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Yeah, it’s that easy!

Time commitment= ~ 5 minutes a day- 1 hour a month

Online Roadie Guide

2.) Event Roadie- Come and hang out with the awesome Ear Candy team! Not to toot our own horns, but we are a pretty fun bunch. (Pun intended) Help by attending official Ear Candy events to assist in educating the audience in attendance, setup booth space, selling raffle tickets, collecting donations and cleaning up.

Time commitment= ~3-5 hours per event (hours may vary depending on event)

Events Calendar and Roadie Sign Up

3.) Rock N’ Roll Marathon - Are you ready Run and Rock with Ear Candy? Be part of the Ear Candy Marathon Team by signing up to be a runner, help with fundraising, create your own team and/or volunteer at the water stations and end of race tent.

Time commitment= ~ 3 hours a month (not including runner training and race day)

Rock N’ Roll Marathon Page

4.) Serve on an Official Committee - Committees are composed of Governing Board Members, Ear Candy Team Members and Roadies. We encourage supporters to pick an area they are passionate about and focus their efforts into a single area. We have a few committees’ to choose from (descriptions below):

Time commitment= ~ 5 hours a month

Committee Application (please return to Info@EarCandyCharity.org)

5.) Play it Forward (Coming in 2013) - Be an Ear Candy Rock Star! Play it Forward is a service-learning program that equips you with the tools, training, and mentoring to create and host your own successful physical Instrument Drive.

Time commitment= ~ 3 hours a week for 10 weeks 

Committee Options:

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is critical to the sustainability and development of Ear Candy. The Committee is responsible for ensuring the accurate projection of revenue needed to carry out the strategic plan, supporting the resource cultivation and fund solicitation needs. This committee will be responsible for the following:

  • Individual Giving – Identify and secure financial donations
  • Corporate Sponsorship – Provide warm introductions and secure support
  • Grants / Foundations – Research and work with EC team to apply for support
  • Check Presenter Program – Encourage restaurants to implement program and increase donations
  • Fundraising Strategy – Actively develop and refine fundraising strategy

Marketing Committee

The role of the Marketing Committee provides accountability in consistent communication and branding to external constituents aligned with the marketing plan and strategic initiatives of Ear Candy. The committee is responsible for the creation, development, and monitoring of a marketing plan and communicating the goals and approaches outlined in the plan to other board members as well as volunteers involved in various committees and partnerships. This committee will be responsible for the following:

  • Marketing Plan – Create, implement and manage a plan to be used by the organization, committees and Roadies to ensure consistent brand messaging
  • Press / Media – Draft and circulate media releases and secure exposure
  • Promotional Materials – Design materials to be utilized with Instrument Drives, Backstage Class, Fundraising and Special Events to help promote the brand
  • Graphic Design – Aid in creation of graphics
  • Video / Photography – Capture special events and mission delivery opportunities

Mission Development Committee

The Mission Development Committee is responsible for perfecting and expanding the services used to fulfill the Ear Candy mission of providing youth access to education. This committee will be responsible for the following:

  • Mission Development Strategy – Review mission delivery vehicles, evaluate success, and determine modification, expansion or termination. 
  • Online Instrument Donation System – Develop and refine system
  • Backstage Class – Act as an instructor or chaperone for music based field trips
  • Play It Forward - Fine tune and expand program to equip communities to host their own Instrument Drives.

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee helps create and develop events that create memorable experiences yielding financial results to benefit Ear Candy.  Events range in size from small coffee house gigs to our large Grammy Event. This committee will be responsible for the following:

  • Evaluate Event Potential - Review and evaluate potential event ideas created by the organization or submitted from a 3rd party. 
  • Signature Events  - Develop signature Ear Candy events from start to finish to maximize the value of the auidences experience and contribution to the charity.  Includes securing sponsorships, garnering auction/raffle items, promotions, etc.
  • 3rd Party Events -  Maximze the potential of 3rd party events

Ear Candy Roadie Opportunities

Click the sign-up link next to the opportunity below you would like to volunteer for:

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