Play It Forward

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by Thomas Desrosiers
I am a Life Scout in Troop 172 in Tempe Arizona and have begun working on my Eagle Project, which consists of a musical instrument drive to collect gently used musical instruments, then holding a clinic to clean and repair these instruments, and finally redistributing them to underprivileged schools in the Phoenix area with struggling music programs. These schools are in drastic need of instruments to keep their music programs alive. With your help, these schools can find the resources they need to strengthen their music program and ignite a spark in our young children by lending them the instruments. Many Phoenix area children come from immigrant families with very little resources. I want to help them develop a lifelong musical skill that will lead them to great opportunities. Would you like to help?Read more »
by Sophie
Thanks for visiting my campaign page! I love music and have been lucky to have music lessons for many years. This year for my birthday I am going to play it forward and help someone get a musical instrument who might not be able to get one. Please give a donation so that I can get to my goal of donating $150.00. (And as my mom says, don't actually put candy in your ear!)Read more »
by Childefy
Support Childefy, a singer/songwriter/heartist, and help children around the world become the hero they have always dreamt of being. Childefy stands for defying everything like a child, and its purpose is to inspire others through Music. And the debut "Zero Hero EP" is about becoming the person we desire to be, and moving forward to a better future.Read more »


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