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    student wrote: “I want to be a professional Trumpet player. I want to be a professional Trumpet player, because I want to show everyone how I play, and I get to travel all over the world. I think being a professio... [More]

Current Play it Forward Drives

CMAS - Arcadia High School - Benefiting Scottsdale Elementary / Middle Schools  


Play it Forward

Play it Forward is a service learning program that equips any group with the tools, training, and mentoring to create and host their own successful physical Instrument Drive. From businesses, schools, civic groups, places of worship, associations and clubs… wherever there is a collection of passionate individuals who want to help give youth access to music education, there is a Play It Forward Instrument Drive at your fingertips!

How to Donate

  1. Find a Play It Forward Program – Look at our current Play it Forward Program List (below) to see if there is a local Instrument Drive going on in your community. If you can’t find one, you can still use our system to donate to a music program in need. 

  2. Donate Funds & Instruments – On the Play It Forward Program’s group page you can donate an instrument or funds to help repair and place donated instruments. Every instrument will need assessment, cleaning and if necessary, repairs. Donated instruments cannot be placed with a music program without funds to get the instruments ready for students.
  3. Share Your Story – Everyone has a story as to how a music program, instrument, or experience shaped their life. We want to hear your story and connect it with the new ones being created by your generous support!
  4. Tell Your Friends - You never know who has an instrument in their closet or someone who believes strongly in supporting our mission of Providing Youth Access to Music Education. You will receive some exciting updates about the impact you and your instrument are making. Please share your passion for this cause with your circle of friends, family and co-workers.

What Can You Donate?

  1. Money - Financial donations are just as important as instrument donations because all instruments must be inspected, cleaned, and if necessary, repaired, before they are placed with students in need.
  2. Instruments – We are able to accept and place most instrument types that are requested by teachers, however, there are instruments that are cost prohibitive to ship and repair or readily available in most communities. Please refer to the Acceptable Instrument List.

*Ear Candy is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, and all instrument & financial donations are Tax Deductible to the extent allowed by law.

How To Start Your Own

Creating your own Play It Forward Drive can be a lot of work, but we make it easy and fun! Check out our “You Can’t Mess This Up Guidebook” and be sure that you can commit hosting a Drive. You will need a collection of passionate people to join the Crew and Band to make it a success.

Your group will identify schools you want to impact, contact teachers to submit instrument requests, set goals, assign roles, promote the drive and special events, collect and track donations and stories from instrument and financial donors in the online system, and share the success of the Drive!

Once you are ready to commit, contact Ear Candy’s team of experts to get your Drive rocking and rolling: PlayItForward@EarCandyCharity.org

By empowering a group we are inviting the community to use our Online Instrument Drive System to multiply the dividends created by the donations for youth in need of an instrument.

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