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Instrument Drive ®

Orangewood Elementary

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Music Partnership Description:
Orangewood Elementary School received 6 clarinets, 6 flutes, 2 trumpets, and a drum set from Ear Candy on March 24. Phoenix Fire and several news outlets were on hand to make the donation a very special experience for the students assembled.

Alex Keene, the band teacher summed up the donation by saying, "Being involved with a musical instrument has touched my life, and I just want to give that back to the students," says band director Alex Keene. "They have something to look forward to when they go to school." 

You can read Alex's thank you letter to Ear Candy by following the link below.

Alex Keene - Director of Bands - Orangewood Elementary

Instrument Drive ®

Ear Candy Music Charity is dedicated to supporting in-school music programs by gathering music instruments through a year round Instrument Drive. Our music charity collaboratively works with school districts to address many of their general music and band instrument needs. We will highlight our partnership with the Firefighters (collecting donations) by hosting an Instrument Drive focusing on different school districts in need.
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