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Ear Candy is dedicated to impacting children by providing access to music education, but what do we mean by impact? Here is how we measure impact while fulfilling our mission by: Supporting In-School Programs, Creating After School Programs and offering Beyond the Classroom Opportunities.

Supporting In-School Programs
We support in school music programs by providing donated instruments to pre-established programs. Many of the instruments have an individual affect like a clarinet, flute, saxophone and other wind instruments. String instruments like violins, cellos, and guitars are great communal instruments since many children can use them throughout the school week, thus a single instrument can impact multiple children. Lastly we have high impact instruments like pianos, rhythm instruments and musical gear that can impact entire classrooms and schools since they are utilized in entire class teaching and performances.

We work with the schools on an annual basis to see how past donations are being utilized with the new students and gather new donation requests. Even though the instruments belong to the schools, we work collaboratively with the schools to move unused instruments to new locations if they cannot be put to use in the coming school year. We update our impact numbers (either increase, same, or decrease) accordingly, and thus an annual compounding affect.

Creating After School Programs
We create seasonal after school programs with community partners like the Boys & Girls Clubs. We look for established after school programs where children are already going, but do not have access to music education. These programs range in length from 8 to 14 weeks and we count every enrolled student in our impact numbers. We continue programs at various locations depending upon the students’ interest and success.

Beyond the Classroom
We can all agree that learning happens in various ways and we like to provide a holistic view point of music education. We offer our children opportunities to experience education outside of the classroom by letting them attend: Artist Sound Check, Meet & Greets with Artists, Music Venue Visit, Recording Studio Visit, Radio Station Visit, Tickets to Music Events Trips to Museums. These are individual events and every child participating is accounted for in our impact numbers.
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