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Nate is the authentically over-flowing engine of Ear Candy. He is not a musician, a teacher, or a parent, yet his passion to share music with the youth of the world is uncanny, unstoppable and contagious. In a short amount a time Nate has created a sustainable community driven model to address the need for music education in a Arizona which is dead last in per person educational funding. In 2010 Ear Candy will impact well over 10,000 youth in the Phoenix area while they expand their model to other markets in need across the country.

In 2009, Nate has been named the Best Sales Person of a Good Cause by the Phoenix New Times, and won a Pyro Award saluting inspiring agents of positive change in the community. In 2010, he was named in the Business Journal’s 40 under 40 recognizing young leaders in the community and he is an official nominee for the 2010 Individual Governor’s Art Award.

Nate Anderson is a dreamer, a visionary and the very definition of a progressive Social Entrepreneur.



Deb is the mild mannered classical music nut who spends her days supporting the Ear Candy Charity mission to help kids experience the magic of creating music and finding their own personal music voice. In her off time, Deb enjoys exploring the local fine arts and music scenes, cooking, and caring for her husband and two French bulldogs.


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