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Ear Candy Charity - Check Presenter Program

What is the Check Presenter Program?
This simple program gives your customers the opportunity to donate pocket change by adding a “donation” to their total bill. These small donations add up fast and their collective sum can create a large impact. Your business is the vehicle to encourage an entire community to give back in whatever amount your customers deem appropriate.

Get Started with 4 Easy Steps

1. Set up your point of sales system to collect donations
2. Ear Candy staff will Educate your employees on how to present this program to your customer
3. Display and restock your business’s custom Ear Candy Check Presenter Postcards (4x6) in your check presenters
4. Run a monthly report calculating donations, send the total to Ear Candy and receive a tax donation receipt.

It is up to You to determine the length of the program! Test it out for a month or run it for the year. You decide!

Why Ear Candy?
Ear Candy impacted over 10,000 Youth in 2010 by providing Youth Access to Music Education. The organization gets instruments into the hands of students who cannot afford them through our Instrument Drives® and creating unique experiences through Backstage Class® field trips.

Currently, Arizona is 49th out of 50 states in per person educational funding and arts programs are the first to get cut. 79% of Arizona schools spend less than $1 per student per year on Arts or Music supplies.

Music Education positively affects youth by:
• Boosting Test Scores
• Increasing Self Esteem
• Raising Graduation Rates

What’s Next?
Contact Ear Candy Charity to begin creating your Custom Check Presenter Program for Your Business.

Email us at: to learn more today!


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