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Ear Candy and Scottsdale Studios are hosting weekend Rock N Roll Camp where students will have a true Rock N Roll experience!! The camps will start sometime in October so stay tuned!!!  Once we launch we will run camps every Saturday (depending on demand) from 9 AM to 5 PM and will cost $99/camp. A few individual scholarships are available for each camp session, please see requirements below.

Goal for each Camp
Our goal is to provide kids an opportunity to jam with other kids who share the same passion for music. Many kids who play music find themselves isolated in their bedrooms playing alone for hours each week. Our camp will take kids out of their rooms and help them learn social skills to interact in a music performance environment.

Camp Format
Kids will be divided into bands based upon skill levels musical genre preferences. Each band will have the opportunity to create their own identity with a name and logo. By the end of the camp, the bands will perform a show on the big stage equipped with professional sound, lights and special effects!!!

Who Can Attend?
Rock N Roll camp is open to musicians, singers, and kids who are interested in all facets of music. The small class sizes, individual and group instruction, as well as our experienced teachers, provide a hands-on opportunity for the musicians to learn everything from the studio to the stage.

The Beginning of the program will take students into the rehearsal studio for one-on-one and group instruction from professional musicians who have spent years teaching others and touring with bands. Our Staff instructors understand different skill and knowledge levels and are able to work with any type of student.

If you don't play an instrument, you can still attend the camp. Sign up for the Stage Hands and Roadie curriculum.


- Rehearse with Professional Musicians with years of Touring Experience
- Form your own band and learn songs
- Record a song with a Recording Engineer
- Perform on stage in front of an Audience
- Jam on stage with Local Artists

Future Camp Curriculum
Audio Instruction - Students will receive hands on instruction in setting up audio systems, mixers, cables, and stage gear. They will learn how to do a sound check, test microphones and will be shown some techniques of audio recording. The class will be taught by an experienced audio engineer who will teach basic principles of live sound as well as recording.

Lighting and Video - Students will learn about lighting and video production, and will have the opportunity to experience hands on instruction with setting up lights, cameras and video editing software.

Stage Hands & Roadies - Learn how to set up a stage plot, tune instruments, set up amps, run cabling, set up lighting, and install truss. These skills are quintessential to putting on a successful show!!!

EAR CANDY and Scottsdale Studios are proud to offer scholarships for all of our camps.  To apply please fiil out the Scholarship Application.  All scholarship applications will be evaluated by the staff of the kids camp and a determination will be made based on the criteria listed above.

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