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Ear Candy Charity
Ear Candy Charity is based in Phoenix, AZ and is devoted to Providing Youth Access to Music Education. We fulfill our mission through Instrument Drives®, Backstage Class® field trips and Community Partnerships. In 2010 we impacted well over 10,000 youth in the Arizona while actively expanding our sustainable, community driven model.

Quick Facts:
Arizona is currently 49th out of 50 states in per person educational funding
50% of schools have "NO BUDGET" for curricular support in arts education
79% of schools spend less than $1 per student in a year, or LESS THAN 1/2 a PENNY A DAY!

To learn more please explore our website!

We need YOU to help in making this a reality for the Children of YOUR Community, every child deserves an education rich in music, EVERY CHILD!  Take immediate action below!

Video Clip with Ear Candy Charity Founder

Donate Money
EAR CANDY is funded by donations from people like you!  For around $15 you can help us impact a child by placing a donated instrument in a school music program. All financial donations are tax deductible, so the real question is how many children do YOU want to give Access to Music Education?

Donate an Instrument
EAR CANDY impacts THOUSANDS of children each year by Giving Old Instruments New Life by hosting Instrument Drive® Programs which encourages the community to donate unused instruments that we place with schools and partners. All instruments are important and so we go the extra mile and track your donation to let you know where it has been placed. Your relationship with your instrument lives on with new life in the hands of a child.

Half the solution to music education is collecting dust in someone's closet.  Do you have an instrument you can donate?  Learn How Here!

Join OUR Community
OUR online community is full of fun, progressive, socially conscious music lovers and we want you to join us!  For the most up to date EAR CANDY headlines, pictures, and contests Follow EAR CANDY on Twitter and become a Fan of EAR CANDY on Facebook.  And while you're at it, tell ALL of your Friends!

Become a Roadie
Want to really get involved and support the mission?  Consider becoming an official EAR CANDY Roadie!  A Roadie is looking to make a positive impact on their community the way they know how by utilizing Social Media, Volunteering at our Events, Hosting their own Instrument Drives and creating community fundraisers to fuel the mission.  Want to learn more?  Click HERE

Thank You!
Your willingness to join us in giving Every Child Access to Music Education is inspiring and so appreciated.  Please share with EVERYONE you know!

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