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EAR CANDY has teamed up with BEAMZ to offer some of our after school programs a new, fun way to create and share music.  The Beamz is an innovative musical instrument that enables people ofall ages and skill levels to create and play music. By breaking thepath of each beam, this laser trigger-based instrument will unleash the musician in you.

About the BEAMZ Partnership

Donate BEAMZ - EAR CANDY wants to put more BEAMZ systems in our after-school programs!!! 

Purchase BEAMZ - Kids particiapting in EAR CANDY music programs are eligable to purchase a discounted BEAMZ system.  Each purcahse will include a donation from our frineds at BEAMZ to support our mission!!!!


BE THE BAND: The Beamz is an innovative and affordable new way for people of all ages to make music. By simply passing your hands through any of the six laser beams, you can trigger multiple streams of musical notes and sounds that always sound good and arenever out of key.

FUN FOR ALL: The Beamz brings the fun and enjoymentof making music to all age groups and skill levels. Regardless of yourmusical ability, the Beamz provides a fun way to bring people togetherto explore, create and enjoy music. Beginners and children can playwith ease. More experienced musicians will be amazed with the depth ofthe interactive music compositions and the engaging playability ofbreaking the beams. Great for social gatherings, the Beamz provides funfor family and friends, and it’s a great addition to any jam session.

EASY TO USE: The Beamz easily connects to your computer’s USB port. Youdon’t need to read music to play the Beamz. Simply install the softwareand you’re ready to go!

The Beamz includes an entire digital musicsystem that plays 100+ instruments and sound variations that span over20 musical genres. The Beamz system starts you off with 30 originalBeamz songs, plus you’ll receive 5 additional songs of your choice todownload for FREE after you register the product.

Learn how BEAMZ Works - watch the video:

Check out the BEAMZ Datasheet and explore the possibilities!!!

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