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Ear Candy believes that kids need a holistic education when it comes to music. The positive effects of classroom teaching is undeniable, however, there is more to music education then learning notes, chords, songs, etc. Backstage Class® field trips supplement traditional music education by providing children once in a lifetime opportunities to experience music in unique and impactful ways. While these eye-opening experiences tend to be onetime events, the impact they have on the children can be even more profound than learning in a traditional classroom setting. Ear Candy has developed curriculum for their Backstage Classes with the Arizona State University Music Education department to ensure high quality lessons are delivered.

Below are examples of opportunities we share with youth we serve:

  • Artist Sound Check
  • Meet & Greets with Artists
  • Music Venue Visit
  • Recording Studio Visit
  • Radio Station Visit
  • Tickets to Music Events
  • Trips to Museums

Past Backstage Class? experiences have included trips to see the Jonas Brothers, Elton John & Leon Russell, build-a-rhythm workshops at the Music Instrument Museum, a recording session on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, radio station tours, exploring instrument manufacturer and repair business, and an exclusive sound check and meet and greet with The Fray.

All children learn differently and music education is a subject that needs to be experienced. Please explore the different Beyond The Classroom opportunities we have been able to offer children thirsty for a fresh approach to music education!

Visit a BackStage Class Experience

If you, your Corporation or Foundation are interested in the possibility of BackStage Class, contact us to schedule a BSC guest visit. Support from the community is vital to Ear Candy's ability to provide this unique program to youth in the community. And we want all our BSC supporters to witness first hand the impact of these experiences are for the youth. 

To schedule a visit or request a sponsorship package, please email your request to Info@EarCandyCharity.ORG with "BackStage Class" in the subject line.

Past Backstage Classes


11/22/2011 - Kids Impacted: 35

Fall Frenzy

9/30/2011 - Kids Impacted: 10

Return to Forever at Mesa Arts Center

9/17/2011 - Kids Impacted: 12

Blue October

9/8/2011 - Kids Impacted: 12

KBAQ Studio

7/28/2011 - Kids Impacted: 30

Musical Instrument Museum

7/20/2011 - Kids Impacted: 30

Clear Channel

7/7/2011 - Kids Impacted: 30


Ear Candy Supporters

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