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Playing for Change Band

On Tuesday, October 26th Ear Candy teamed up with the Musical Instrument Museum and Playing for Change to present a Beyond the Classroom sound check event. 19 kids and 13 chaperones attended. The attendees were from AZ Quest for Kids, Phoenix Conservatory of Music, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Phoenix Youth at Risk.

A Story of Young Lives Positively Impacted
by Emily Kozel, of Phoenix Youth at Risk

When I picked up Eric, Alyssa, Ashley and Brian from school,they were so excited to go to the MIM. When I asked Eric if he knew where wewere going he said “My mom told me we were going to watch a band. Don’t tellme anything else, I want to be surprised!” When they arrived at the MIM theyasked  “When do we see the band? Where do we go to watch them?” Theyvisited the gift shop for over a half of an hour and passed their time byplaying music and exploring the different types of instruments.

When we were waiting for the doors to open, Brian said “Iwant to be the first one in the theatre.” Once the doors opened they flew inand claimed their seats before anyone else had a chance to sit down. During thesound check they were smiling and laughing. I asked Alyssa what she thought andshe said “The main girl’s voice is so beautiful!”

As we walked to the car they saw the band sneaking out theback door of the theatre and ran to meet them. Each member of “Playing forChange” signed their autograph for Eric, Brian, Alyssa and Ashley. When Ibrought them home, the first thing out of Brian’s mouth was “Mom we got theirautographs and we get to go to the MIM for free!”


Playing for Change

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