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EAR CANDY supports in-school music programs by providing instrument donations to help round out programs in need. We accomplish this by collecting instrument donations from individual donors and companies. The need for music education is at an all-time high and it's growing. EAR CANDY creates mutually beneficial partnerships with pre-established music programs to maximize our efforts. This means that we seek out programs/schools/districts where we can impact the most kids. The need is great and we are committed, please join us in helping every child have access to music education.

We are currently only accepting instrument requests in Arizona and other markets as our expansion continues.  Stay tuned.

Who Qualifies
  • Pre-established music programs that have experienced cuts and can demonstrate the need for instruments
  • Programs that have a teacher in place for a full school year
  • Programs that are committed to the growth, depth and development of music education
  • Programs within need based/low-income communities
*Please Note: We aim to work at the district level since we can impact many schools in a given area

  • Programs must have a safe place to store instruments on-site
  • Donated instruments belong to the program, not individual students. They are meant to be shared (where appropriate) and passed on from year to year
  • Programs are responsible for instrument maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity
  • Programs can apply no more than two times a year

What EAR CANDY Needs
EAR CANDY is seeking to find mutually beneficial partners to fulfill our mission. This means working collaboratively on addressing the program's needs by:
  • Tracking the instruments and communicating with our donors (thank you letters)
  • Accurately measuring the impact of the instruments received
  • Aiding in collecting and distributing instruments
  • Reaching out to the teachers, students, and all staff
  • Providing Ear Candy access for student, teacher and/or parent interviews (where appropriate)
  • Working together on securing press to cover the partnership's progress
The more efficient and productive we are in working together the easier it is for us to gain assistance for your program and others in great need. Music is Our Future!!!

If your program/school/district fits the qualifications, can abide by the rules, and can work collaboratively in a partnership with EAR CANDY we invite you to complete this APPLICATION

Instrument Request Submission FormSchool Name:
School District Name:
General Music / Band Program / Other:
School Address:
School Website URL:
example: http://www.earcandycharity.org

Contact Person:
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:

Instrument Request:
# of Instruments / Instrument Type / Potential # of Children Impacted / Special Notes

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