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Ear Candy Updates

EAR CANDY has experienced some massive grassroots growth and we are looking for Advocates to keep spreading the word about our mission. An Advocate is typically a young go-getter looking to make a positive impact on their community the way they know how.

Becoming an official EAR CANDY Advocate is easy!

1.) Please fill out the very short application form at the bottom of the page.

2.) Become a fan of us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and post an EAR CANDY Advocate banner on your website (if applicable) with a link to our website: www.EarCandyCharity.ORG

3.) Help us spread our mission to EVERYONE you know by:

Facebook - Facebook.com/EarCandyCharity
  • Encourage your friends to “Become a Fan”
  • Join our Causes Page - www.causes.com/earcandy
  • Invite Friends to our Events
  • Post an Ear Candy Banner on your page
  • Add our link on your page: www.EarCandyChartity.ORG
  • Create a Ear Candy Fan Box for your Profile
Twitter - Twitter.com/EarCandyCharity
  • Encourage your followers to “Follow Us”
  • Re-Tweet our Tweets
  • Post an Ear Candy Banner on your page
  • Add our link on your page: www.EarCandyChartity.ORG
Start a Service Learning Project at your School and include EAR CANDY

Host your own Instrument Drive

Host a Fundraiser Concert for EAR CANDY

Volunteer at Events

Encourage your friends/parents to buy Ear Candy Merchandise

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