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About EarCandy Charity
EAR CANDY is a Phoenix founded 501(c)(3) Non-Profit devoted to providing kids access to music education. Arizona is currently dead last in per person educational funding and arts programs are the first to get cut. Music is our Universal Language and the children of this world deserve the opportunity to be exposed to its powerful influence. EAR CANDY has created a sustainable solution to address the growing epidemic of music being ripped out of schools.

We fulfill our mission by Supporting In School Programs through instrument donations to areas in need, Creating After-School Programs with community partners like Boys & Girls Clubs, and providing Beyond the Classroom experience to give a holistic view of music education. Our efforts are impacting THOUSANDS of children and the demand for our services is ever-growing.

EAR CANDY was founded in 2007 and in a short amount of time we have been able to solidify many strong Community Partners that have offered their support: Hard Rock Café, Moses Anshell, Fender, Music & Arts, D’Addario Strings, Phoenix New Times, X103.9, and Live Nation. Additionally we have received support from a variety of Major Recording Artists including: Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Chick Corea, Nickelback and many others.

To get a snapshot of the organization please watch the video below:


  1. Music is OUR Universal Language
  2. Every child should have an opportunity to be exposed and embrace music
  3. Music and Art are the cornerstones of Culture
  4. A strong presence of culture provides a world perspective and ignites creative thinking
  5. We are creating something BEYOND US

Inspiring Quotes

You GIVE you begin to LIVE – Dave Matthews

Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the WORLD – Gandhi

One good thing about MUSIC is when it hits you feel NO PAIN – Bob Marley

I can change the world with my OWN TWO HANDS – Ben Harper

MUSIC is the WEAPON of the FUTURE – Unknown

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