EAR CANDY wants every child to have the opportunity to experience the universal language of music and we fulfill our mission by Supporting In-School Music Programs, Creating After-School Programs and providing Beyond the Classroom opportunities

Support In-School Programs

EAR CANDY collects and distributes donated instruments to pre-established music programs in need. Many times schools do not have a budget to purchase the necessary instruments to round out their programs, causing children to have to split time with an instrument with many other students or even worse, not participate in a program. EAR CANDY orchestrates Instrument Drives to collect instrument donations and works with school districts to ensure they are being utilized.

All instruments are important and so we go the extra mile and track donations to let donors know where it has been placed. The relationship with the instrument lives on with new life in the hands of a child.

Create After-School Programs

EAR CANDY works collaboratively with community partners to create effective after school programs to provide music education in environments where children are already going but none is currently offered. We are currently expanding our very successful model with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix and partnering with Phoenix Conservatory of Music to deepen our impact through collaboration. All of our programs also offer unique Beyond the Classroom experiences as well as group instruction.

Beyond The Classroom

EAR CANDY believes that kids need a holistic education when it comes to music. The positive effects of classroom teaching is undeniable, however, there is more to music education then learning notes, chords, songs, etc. Our Beyond The Classroom initiatives provide some very unique experiences that help teach music education in a different manner, potentially one that leaves a lifelong impact on the children we serve.

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