EAR CANDY impacts THOUSANDS of children each year by Giving Old Instruments New Life. We accomplish this by orchestrating Instrument Drives encouraging the community to donate unused instruments that we place with schools and partners devoted to providing children access to music education. All instruments are important and so we go the extra mile and track your donation to let you know where it has been placed. Your relationship with your instrument lives on with new life in the hands of a child. In 2009, Ear Candy placed over 330 instruments with 41 schools and community partners which impacted well over 3200 youth.

2009 Instruments Placed (Document)

The Need
There are 1.2 million children in Arizona and the state is dead last in per person educational funding. There will always be a need for instruments because EVERY child deserves an education rich in music. EAR CANDY works collaboratively with school districts to address the needs of many schools. We build strong relationships with the administration, general music teachers, band instructors and the key decision makers in the area to determine the greatest need. We then orchestrate an Instrument Drive to fill those needs. If your district or program is interested in applying for support please visit here.

In addition to instruments, we need financial support to ensure our efforts continue. It is a large investment to run a successful instrument drive, fill the needs of schools, and track every instrument. Also, many of the instruments we do receive need repairs before a child can effectively use them. Without money to run the organization none of the instruments collected get placed. Please consider making a financial donation to ensure your instrument or someone else’s gets the attention it needs to really make an impact! (link) EAR CANDY is a 501(c)3 organization (link) and all donations are tax deductible within the limits of the law.

Instrument Types & Condition
We get a wide variety of instruments and gear donated that are needed to fill our programs.  Our goal is to collect new and gently used instruments.  Many times instruments are beyond repair or the cost to repair is greater than the cost to replace.  These instruments are typically donated to a local artist or community organization for use in a project or a to create an art piece to be used for fundraising purposes.  Large items like drum sets or pianos are accepted but with special restrictions.  If you have a large instrument you wish to donate please email us at Info@EarCandyCharity.org to discuss further.

Below are various types of instruments and gear that can be donated:

Small Instruments
French Horn
Guitars (Acoustic, Bass, Electric)
Percussion Instruments (All Types)
Saxophones (All Types)
Violin / Viola

Amplifier Speakers
Effect Pedals
Recording Equipment
Microphones & Stands
Strings (All Types)

Large Instruments (special instructions)
Drum Set

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